Shaping True Story into Screenplay

Praise for
Shaping True Story into Screenplay
“A clear and accessible guide that turns the basics of screenwriting toward the task of telling one’s true story.”
– Mitchell Levin, Senior Story Analyst, DreamWorks

“Candace Kearns Read has a knack for whipping a weak script into shape. She is tough, but in the kindest way. This book will be an invaluable resource to all writers and directors.”
– Jeff Woolnough (Director, OUTER LIMITS, THE DON CHERRY STORY and CELINE)

“Having relied on Candace’s instincts, judgment, and clarity, I can testify that she is the absolute best, and consider Shaping True Story Into Screenplay a great gift. So will anyone who reads it.”
– Robert Palmer (Manager of Anthony Hopkins, Faye Dunaway, and Dick Van Dyke)

“Candace Kearns Read is an extremely talented screenwriter and story analyst. Anyone intending to develop material based on ‘real life’ will benefit from the wisdom and experience found within these pages.”
– Ben Press (Founding Partner, Fortitude Talent Agency)

“Candace is a highly regarded script analyst and writer. Top agents in Hollywood wouldn’t let their A-list clients make a move on a script until Candace signed off on it with her insightful, smart and savvy analysis. In this book, Candace impeccably shares her great skill and creativity to help screenwriters, and expertly enables you to develop your greatest possession into a compelling screenplay, by guiding you to write what you know best: Yourself.”
– Tony Greco, Screenwriters Online