“Candace Kearns Read has a knack for whipping a weak script into shape. She is tough, but in the kindest way. ” –Jeff Woolnough, Director, “Riverdale,” “Vikings,” “NCIS” and many others


Candace Kearns Read is one of the premier script consultants of the world, having trained at New York University’s Dramatic Writing Program and worked in Hollywood for such agency giants as ICM and William Morris. She served as a personal script consultant to Marlon Brando, Anthony Hopkins, Michelle Pfeiffer, Richard Gere and Denzel Washington, among many, many others.  She has also been a script consultant for cutting edge production companies such as John Wells Productions, Castle Rock and Village Roadshow Pictures.


A few of the films Candace has been directly involved in as a script consultant: 

White Oleander, Dangerous Minds, Married to the Mob, Up Close and Personal

Nixon, Surviving Picasso, The Edge, Freejack, The Road to Wellville, Amistad, The Road to Wellville, Meet Joe Black 

The Island of Dr. Moreau, Primal Fear ++ many others!

Services and Fees:

If you’d like to work with Candace on your screenwriting project, send an email to

Her script consultant fees are $100.00 an hour, and she offers several packages:

1) Basic Coverage includes a log line, box score, one page summary and two pages of comments for $600.00.

2) Development Coverage includes all of the above, and in addition, detailed page notes on the script giving examples and suggestions as to how to implement her comments for $800.00.

3) Full Consultation includes all of the above and in addition, two hours of follow up phone calls to help the writer further along in their revision process for $1,000.00.

4) Subsequent Drafts can be read and analyzed for 40% discount on above package prices.

5) Ongoing coaching is available for a fee of $100.00 an hour.

“Having relied on Candace’s instincts, judgment, and clarity, I can testify that she is the absolute best, and consider Shaping True Story Into Screenplay a great gift. So will anyone who reads it.” — Robert Palmer, manager of Anthony Hopkins, Faye Dunaway, and Dick Van Dyke

“Candace Kearns Read is an extremely talented screenwriter and story analyst. Anyone intending to develop material based on ‘real life’ will benefit from the wisdom and experience found within these pages.” — Ben Press, Manager/Producer