BOGIE’S BIKE: Life in the Background

A memoir by Bob Palmer, in collaboration with Candace Read, about a legendary Hollywood publicist who survived not only the ravages of drug and booze addiction, but a sixty year career in the entertainment industry.
With an introduction by Anthony Hopkins

Praise for Bogie’s Bike:

“Bob’s observances continue to amuse and touch me because they come from places in the background, describing without sentimentality the all-too-human foibles of life, from childhood to maturity.” – Anthony Hopkins

“The wonder of Bob Palmer’s uncommonly charming, sprinkled-with-stardust memoir isn’t that he really did all these things, but that he possessed the enviable capacity to look back on his experiences with such merciful affection, to love the boy he was, in order to accept the man he’d become. A lesson we’d all do well to learn.” – Peter Dunne

“Bob was my close friend and confidante for 45 years. He stood by me and was my main support through the hardest struggle of my life. I dearly miss our long talks, his wisdom, his heart and loving care he gave to so many. Much of what I came to understand through him, is in the pages of this book.” – Dick Van Dyke

“A look into the personal side of the great stars – from an outsider who became an insider, who looked inside. Poignant, touching and very funny.” – Michele Lee.